Yoga in der Natur


08.09.2021 & 10.11.2021
16.30-18.00h CET

A powerful learning experience to thrive in times of stress, boost wellbeing and safeguard your mental heal. This digital compact course helps you to stay calm even in stressful times. Benefit from latest Research and practical tools to protect your mental health and increase your well-being.

Stress is omnipresent in life. But our reaction to it makes an enormous difference to our health, satisfaction, and well-being. This course will massively change your way of thinking and dealing with stressful situations. Learn and experience the best techniques for reducing and avoiding stress. Protect your body and mind from the profound negative effects of stress and learn easy-to-implement strategies for supporting your emotional, social, cognitive, and physical health. Develop a strong, resilient ego with DStressYourself and experience strength and serenity in everything you do. Based on the latest knowledge in the areas of nutrition, relaxation, stress medicine and psychology, you will learn how easy physical activity, mindfulness and wise nutritional decisions can give you peace of mind, concentration and energy throughout the day. The time for it is now. DStressYourself! 

Women Leadership Training Success


8 inspiring and powerful live trainings that will boost your leadership skills and help you master the art of negotiation, motivation and resilience.
New Masterclass in 2021

Connect with female leaders from various industries and learn from each other. Get inspirational and thought-provoking input on the key success factors for Female Excellence and explore self-reflection on what matters most: To be your best self as a leader and a person. You will learn the newest approaches to master the art of communication, networking, and resilience. Also, you will explore new approaches to teamwork and motivation in a highly digital world that enables you to connect deeper with your team and build trust in difficult times.

Powerful female leaders don't copy male behavior. They understand and utilize their personal talent and leadership style.  We help you find and strengthen it.

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Dare to achieve in times of uncertainty

Modern leadership is not about agile, Kanban, decision making processes and other theoretical Management knowledge. It's about people Management. Learn how to inspire and motivate yourself and your team. Define your personal power plan to boost your energy for peak performance. The right balance to speed up and calm down will help you preserve your own health and the one of your team. 8 inspirational Master Classes held via Video Conference will give you the possibility to exchange with leaders across all industry.

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Female Leadership Alm

More dates to come in 2021

Are you a female executive who leads, who inspires every day, who gives direction and development and who wants to create real value for themselves and others?

Stretch with us your limits, work with us on your personal leadership style, gather new perspectives, find calmness, focus and new motivation in the Bavarian Alpes.

5 participants - 3 trainers - 1 unique experience!

At the Female Leadership Alm you 

  • deal with traditional, unconscious and conscious belief systems on male and female strengths and weaknesses and use them to discover and develop your own personal leadership style beyond all role patterns, gender boundaries and behavioral folklore.

  • experience your own core, which is so much more than the sum of external demands from your job and private life, for trend-setting personal and business decisions.

  • work with extremely contrasting trainers who will challenge and expand your belief systems in every imaginable way. 

  • get new strength, motivation and self-confidence.

Attention! Because real experiences do not happen on the couch, in the office or on the flipchart, the Female Leadership Alm is not an event with a dining room, sauna and conference room:

No luxury, no pumps, no lectures, no smartphones.

Instead, we take you to the alpes: In a stunning setting, we offer a royal experience for people who lead. With effort and challenges, with calm and encounters at eye level, for the return to the essential: joy and abundance instead of fun and a full program.

The Female Leadership Alm is organized in cooperation with  WhiteBlack and they WB Königsschmiede team. It is based on the experience of the founders of both companies from their own successful work as entrepreneurs, managers and counselors.

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