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Work in the modern world has dramatically changed the demands on people within every corporate level. Numbers of burn out, stress- and mental health-related issues are on a global rise and corporate counter-strategies do not seem to work efficiently. Motivating employees becomes tougher every day and old mechanisms of employee engagement do not work anymore. Increasing employee health and wellbeing becomes a cornerstone of lasting success.

SMART Leadership strategies empower individuals to redesign their life- and leadership approaches based on the newest, science-backed information and experiences that inspire, motivate and educate.

Hexagons are ancient symbols of balance, strength and mutual relations. They are often found in nature due to their efficiency and resilience under pressure. For us, they are a constant reminder of the mission behind our work: Helping individuals to cope optimally with stress and be their best under pressure. By the way, a lot of our trainings and events actually do happen in nature in order to deepen the learning experience.
Did you know?

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip leaders and their teams with extraordinary know-how, tools, and individual data to protect their physical and mental health and boost personal excellence, happiness, and team success.


We are partners, advisors and coaches that work for the advancement of corporations and individuals.

We inspire and empower people to live and work SMART, ideally equipped for new work and modern life.

The reason why we do this is that we believe that corporate happiness and employee wellbeing is the new paradigm for future success.

About us


Our clients are pioneers, leaders and achievers. From Tech to Retail, Financial Services to Fashion,  National Associations to International Universities...we love working across industries and nations. helping our clients to leverage the newest science and practical instruments to advance work performance and personal wellbeing. From our master class participants, we often hear that they now feel empowered to make better lifestyle- and leadership decisions, communicate stronger, and benefit from new ways of stress response and mental health prevention.

"dstress yourself opened a whole new world of personal excellence for me!  I had already experienced a lot in my 12 years in management but this was outstanding. Well researched, entertaining, powerful. Thank you so much for your work and inspiration!" Carol Bakers, New York

Trusted Partner of:

Latham & Watkins
BNP Paribas
Hogan Lovells
TTE Strategy
Der Paritätische


Senior Partner

at International Major Law Firm

Our team of Senior partners attended a tailor-made digital Master-Class to reflect the effects of the current situation on leadership, team and clients. We have already experienced a lot in our careers, but this format was outstanding. Inspirational, interactive, personal and effective. Thank you so much. We are looking forward to further Master-Classes for our teams.

S.B., Lufthansa

My SMART Coaching with Ms. Pramberger, gave me the necessary push and the tools to  re-assess my professional situation and to define a new approach for my leadership abilities.   Thank you for your warm and empathetic advice that made this process a wonderful gift from the first minute of our calls.

B.M., Coca -Cola

SMART Nutrition opened a whole new door for me to increase my energy and focus throughout the day. From now on I will never   underestimate the power of Omega 3, proteins and vitamins again for my personal wellbeing. Ms. Plehwe is right when she  says the right food can change a life. It sure changed mine.

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