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As business people, we know exactly where you come from because we have been there ourselves.  Our real-life, pragmatic solutions are executed by like-minded experts that have one goal: Your success, health, and happiness.  We are proudly working with international experts and board members that ensure integrated, state of the art solutions, highest quality standards and lasting results. 



"Welt am Sonntag", a leading German newspaper, describes her as "Germany's top communication expert" and many know her from TV when she comments on US presidential elections. Kerstin Plehwe is a sought after health and leadership speaker who literally changes lives and perspectives. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, ranger and bestselling author with a passion for personal excellence, transformation, and maintaining a positive mental attitude, especially in times of adversity and stress. As a compassionate, down to earth personality that has worked with Olympic athletes, political leaders, international corporations and students alike she empowers her clients to boost their resilience, overcome limiting beliefs and take the responsibility for health, success, and happiness into their own hands.  ​

KP is a highly inspiring expert on the new demands of leadership and corporate wellbeing championing the ideals of mindfulness, resilience, and healthy eating. KP is cofounder of the SMART Leadership Institute and board member of the Voice of Women Foundation. She holds an IIN degree in Integrated Nutrition, is a passionate wildlife enthusiast, and believes that food can literally change lives.



Kerstin is a real Leadership Expert and Sports Enthusiast. She is a true bundle of energy that sweeps along and inspires others. She advises companies, coaches managers, motivates and inspires teams and brings individuals to peak performance. She has more than 20 years of international leadership experience, has established and expanded cooperations, successfully managed key accounts and extensive restructuring and change situations.

Kerstin is a passionate nature and health hiking guide, sports trainer and skiing instructor. Her approach to use all senses and include outdoor elements in her business trainings makes her unique in that space. Due to her long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion, Kerstin Pramberger was voted among the top 10 of "Germany’s Top 100 Out Executives" in 2018. She is member of the Board of Trustees at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) and volunteers as tutor for digital products and applications in an internet cafe for people 60+.

Our Board 

Dr. med. Michaele Künzel

Medical Doctor & Corporate Health Expert

Prof. Peter Bienert

Entrepreneur & Leadership Expert

Adj. Prof. Elke Holst

Senior Economist & Diversity Expert

Thomas Kroll

Osteopath, Therapist & Integrative Medicine Expert

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