What does a leader need in times of change and adversity? What do successful people do when old approaches don't work anymore? Right, they adapt and choose a new way of getting things done, not by relabeling old tools but by using a new toolset. This is not an easy task but you are not alone.

We have created a toolset that answers the modern reality of leadership challenges and combines it with the latest findings in the area of success, health, communication, networking, adaptability and happiness. Choose any topic or all six and get all you need in order to thrive - no matter how difficult and crazy the times are.



Corporate success is human success. Benefit from our SMART Success techniques, experiences and tools for more focus, innovation, mental strength and performance. Learn how to enforce and utilize the power of different perspectives and how to motivate yourself and others on deeper levels than ever. Reflect on your values, believes and leadership style and level up your personal excel-lence. With SMART Success you and your team will be ideally equipped to cope with today’s high demands on flexibility, focus, resilience and agility. 



This module combines the newest findings of neuroscience, medicine and mindfulness to equip you ideally for the modern workspace. It is a powerful and proven, three-dimensional approach to boost your energy and protect your body and mind from the negative consequences of our modern life-style, stress and high demands. SMART Health provides you with action oriented, easy to implement strategies for physical activity, personal nutrition and mindfulness. Avoid mental fatigue and burn out and learn how to relax no matter how crazy life is at the moment.   



The mastery of communication is the key to lasting success and motivation. Learn the most powerful strategies of successful speakers combined with the latest neuroscientific insights that will help you increase your communicative success, negotiation skills and empathy. We show you phenomenally successful ways for effective messaging, fighting stage fright, the art of storytelling and inclusive communication, especially in times where closeness, trust and credibility are so much needed. Dis-cover your authentic communication and presence style and learn how to effectively lead (virtual) meetings.



In a world that is getting more and more complex but also digitally connected, it is essential to under-stand the power of networks and learn to utilize them for your personal and corporate life. Learn the driving factors of successful networking, create your personal networking strategy, identify value creators and time consumers, understand the power of politics and avoid mistakes that can ruin your reputation. With our SMART Networking tools and techniques, you will learn highly successful ways of effective           networking that combine different communication channels and create value for all parties involved.



We all know that change is a constant in life and that was already the case before Covid-19. But the pandemic highlights the complexity, speed and impact of change in a modern society. It also highlights the psychological patterns of fear, insecurity and avoidance of people dealing with unpredictability, stress and transformation. We show you proven ways to succesfully deal with change while empowering yourself and others to optimally respond to any development. Strengthen your resilience, agility and inner peace in order to thrive no matter what the circumstances are. With the right mindset, you can stretch your barriers, overcome old habits, change perspectives and even create a win win situation. Get back in the driver seat and learn all there is to know about the art of mastering change by boosting your adaptability. 



Yes, happiness can be learned, and we believe that corporate happiness elevates innovation, performance and excellence on every level. But it is a journey with many facets. With us and our experts you will learn the most important tools to leverage happiness. It all starts with a positive mindset and an embracing corporate culture that values different perspectives. We are at your side to facili-tate the start of your journey towards a more fulfilling, purpose-driven, and happy life.

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