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Roadmap to Excellence Program

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The Why

We believe that today's success, health, and happiness@work is increasingly at risk. Stress, uncertainty, the commodities of a modern lifestyle and a high paced environment require companies to rethink and redefine their strategies, cultural rituals and practices for employee wellbeing.

New pathways to a thriving future include a better combination of business success with resilience, purpose and both mental and physical health. 


Our Mission

Since many years and with a proven success record we accompany and support leaders on their path to personal excellence. We educate, motivate and inspire, based on our mission to support modern leadership and innovative new work strategies internationally across many industries. In our classes we motivate and inspire managers to rethink and adjust their leadership style, cultural rituals, and personal practices. 

We love to empower you!

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Your Benefits

5 inspiring and powerful live trainings in small groups of up to max. 10 people that will boost your leadership skills and help you master the art of communication, motivation and resilience. In 5 live Ask-Me-Anything sessions you will be able to reflect on the results of the impact exercises given at the end of each Masterclass, discuss concrete business cases with your peers and discuss any open questions.

Our Roadmap to Excellence Program is specifically designed for companies that look for a modern and interactive executive leadership development intervention that produces real results. This program  helps to equip participants with the newest know-how in modern leadership and new work strategies. It includes success proven instruments as well as latest research and Know-How in the areas of new leadership, personal and operational excellence, stress management and communication. This highly interactive Masterclasses will help participants to achieve an elevated leadership mindset, boost personal excellence, foster personal and team wellbeing and increase team motivation. Also it is a highly effective training to increase empathy and connection by using a highly advanced, science-backed communication style.

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What our clients say about the program

"Our team of Senior partners attended a tailor-made digital Master-Class to reflect the effects of the current situation on leadership, team and clients. We have already experienced a lot in our careers, but this format was outstanding. Inspirational, interactive, personal and effective! Thank you so very much. We are looking forward to further Master-Classes for our teams."

Senior Partner at International Major Law Firm

"The master class really gave me a lot and helped me to reflect on myself and my work rituals. I would never have guessed that it is possible to convey so much content via an online course. The size and interaction of the group was perfect. I have already recommended the Master Class to colleagues and will continue to do so.  You have definitely changed my everyday life as a manager for the better, I go into the day and into meetings stronger and position myself more clearly than I did before.  Thank you very much for the exciting past few weeks."

Executive of a large Volksbank

Trusted Partner of clients like:

Latham & Watkins
BNP Paribas
TTE Strategy
Hogan Lovells
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